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Technical Illustration

Technical illustration is a skilled area of activity. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in these days of web based information this has never been more true.

But using a photograph to show users how to carry out a task has its limitations and can often be misleading. An illustrator can generate a graphic of how something should be rather than how any number of pictures show it to actually be.

The use of cutaway or sectioned illustrations is not easily replicated in real life and the illustrator can bring certain aspects of a view to a higher level of prominence that others, helping the reader to focus on specific aspects.

Using electronically generated design files for technical manuals also has its limitations, as although nearly all these files could be drawn in three dimensions - only 5% of them actually are. Skilled illustrators can bring together various components from a variety of sources to provide the most useful view for the reader as well as injecting life into flat data.

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