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RRV and OTP Maintenance Plans

The Rail Industry requires specific documents for Road Rail Vehicles (RRV) and On-Track Plant (OTP). We provide these documents which conform with the required RIS-1530-PLT Rail Industry Standard for Engineering Acceptance of On-Track Plant and Associated Equipment incorporating Technical Information from Operating and Maintenance material and illustrations as required.

We collect the relevant source material from Clients and assemble this into the document. Visits on-site are occasionally required to obtain specific information from appropriate personnel where this cannot be obtained by other means. Third party manuals are obtained if not already available, and these are cross referenced as necessary, which can greatly reduce the volume of the document.

The certification of the Maintenance Plan is performed by your chosen Vehicle Acceptance Body (VAB) as part of their Engineering Acceptance of the whole machine. Any suggested changes from the VAB will be discussed and, if appropriate, incorporated into the document. This iterative process will continue until the document has been certified and included on the overall certificate.

On completion, the finished document will be provided with its electronic PDF file, to ensure that the contents remain as per the originally approved version. The source Word file can also be provided, if required.

If you need such documents to satisfy the Railway's standards we can help.

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