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Proposal Development

Presenting technical information to clients during a bid stage is a very different situation than that faced by most technical skilled staff. The information must be brought to life and be made fully understandable by bid evaluators, who will often be less technically skilled that the engineers who typically supply the technical information. In short, the messages need to be sold.

Our skills include the design and generation of a suitable structure for the bid responses. This is important as the bid evaluator has to be assured that a bid response covers all the required areas. A well structured document enables the quick assessment of a bid response to be made without slowing down the reading process.

Implementing the designed structure across many types and styles of input is a detailed task which requires a strict adherence to the final required document. This rigid approach is seldom brought to the generation of the initial technical material and, indeed, may impair the flow of technical matter. This task is best performed completely separately, and after, the creation of the technical material.

Once the technical material has been created, a great deal of attention to detail is required to ensure that the bid requirements have been met and can be shown to have been met. Often, technical information can be overly detailed, wanders off-topic, and is incomplete. It is important that all required areas are covered and detailed to a uniform depth, and as required by the bid. Technical writers will ensure that the information provided to them is written in such a way as to be best presented for the bid reviewer, which is the end customer at this time. Typically, a great deal of editing is required to harmonize the information and to provide one overall style of presentation to the several different styles which are often present in a collaborative document. Illustrations will be produced or amended as required to provide the maximum level of clear and concise understanding of issues, while ensuring a smooth transition from topic to topic.

As the proposal nears completion, and technical content is fixed, a final stage is required. This includes indexing, glossary of terms, abbreviations, cross references and generation of contents lists.

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