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Process Mapping

Process mapping can help to provide an overview of a business. The management of diverse businesses that have a variety of functions can then be more easily understood and managed when their functions are captured in Process Maps. From the overview, the assessment of the complexity and how the various required tasks are delivered can be made. 

We carry out this task which involves an understanding of the requirements of a business and is usually followed by an assessment of the validity of these various requirements. The process mapping of a business can show where to streamline activities and help to bring attention to areas that have in the past been either carried out by more than one department or those that have been allowed to continue without an accountable owner. This enables tasks to be moved and allocated as blocks of activities become apparent.

It is important, from a documentation point of view, to ensure that each identified area is supported by its requisite procedures and that there are identified inputs and outputs.

The resultant simplification of a business is useful for numerous other tasks, such as the bringing up-to-speed of new recruits, the identification of duplication, the efficient maintenance of supporting documentation, and the identification of training requirements.

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