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Documentation System Design and Specification

The well planned and designed documentation system which is soundly implemented provides many benefits to an organisation.

Firstly, all information has its place ensuring that duplication and repetition is removed, data can be swiftly located and updating is able to be performed easily.

Secondly, once a piece of information has been located it can be relied upon to be at the latest issue.

Thirdly, information presented in a language with which the reader is familiar, helps to ensure that time is not lost unravelling data and that the information is quickly and easily understood.

Designing good documentation systems involves the inclusion of many areas of interest and numerous considerations. Bliss has the expertise required to perform this task as well as the subsequent implementation. This includes the generation and documenting of information specifications, suitable methods of updating and distributing information, and the task of generating documentation to satisfy today's stringent and rapidly changing needs.

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